Thursday, March 31, 2011


Now that we have discovered how helpful headphones can be for Nathan, he is willing to try new things. He LOVES to help mow the lawn.

Somebody please just put me to bed

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

San Diego - a welcomed break

We were so excited to get of Arizona for a few days and have a vacation in San Diego. We visited the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center (renovated and so much fun), Old Town, Seaport Village, the beach, a couple "Diners Drive-in's and Dives" places, and of course the beach. After checking all of this stuff off our list we were ready to head home. Six hours, 3 kids and 1 Prius equals and interesting drive (but so worth it - ask us about our gas mileage!)
Here are the pictures:

Nathan took our picture in the hotel room. We were sure he cut our heads off but he didnt do too bad.

Waiting for everything to open at SeaWorld

Sea Lions

The Shark Encounter. I was so shocked that we got Nathan through that tunnel. We was such a champ!

This was totally spontanious on Nathan's part. He just wanted to walk with Caitlyn.

Caitlyn really wanted to sit in the splash zone for the dolphin show. We let her- but she was on her own. We made sure we could see her, but when she thought we werent looking she would scoot down a row. She ended up on the third row. So this is her before shot

And this is her after.

Abby's Sea Star ride was the only one Nathan begrudginly went on. I think he regretted it.

You would have thought that the most popular pop star was in their midst. Alison and Nathan were so excited. From 20 feet away Alison just kept saying "Elmo! Elmo!" over and over. Have I mentioned she doesnt say momma yet? yeah, its awesome.

The Baluga whale exhibit. Alison is in the middle of "loving" the window.

Last time we came to SeaWorld Nathan had a huge meltdown at the Shamu show. Its just too much stimulation for him. So before we came I had the idea of headphones. I have seen other kids where them and it was amazin how much it helped him. Not only did he remain calm, he loved the show! It just took the edge off. He will now tell you that his favorite part was Shamu because of the splashing. Everytime Shamu splashed he would laugh like he just heard the funniest joke ever.

We like to go the PetShow. This time they had a kangaroo as part of the show and Caitlyn couldnt wait to go up and meet it afterwards.

Chad and Caitlyn are the only two in our family that you can convince to get on a water ride.

At the Mormon Battalion visitors center they dressed Caitlyn up in the same stuff that the men would wear. It is a great interactive tour that I highly recommend. At the end of the tour they take your picture - all western like, and the kids pan for gold, and pretend to make bricks like the saints would havd done back then.

On the front porch they have rocking chairs and a wagon the kids can get in and try out.

Old Town San Diego is right around the corner so we decided to walk around. They have a jerky and root beer store. How great is that?!

Caitlyn got to pick out a candle and dip it herself

Then we were off to the beach. Nathan wore my sunglasses so he could see his kite in the sky.

Alison is not a beach baby. She was constantly giving us her feet to wipe them off.

The next day (and our last) we went to Seaport Village to find our Christmas ornament and to walk around. We found some, not so shy, ducks and fed them for a bit.

Then we realized that we feed Alison in the same exact way.
It was a great trip! The kids slept well at night - and we realized that being a parent on a family trip is not that relaxing, so we're already looking into what our own vacation will be later this year :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Preach My Gospel FHE Books

This is an amazing book that was printed by inspirationfor our efforts in missionary work. It is also a great learning tool for the family.

We are so excited to be selling a companion Family Home Evening book for our Young Women's girls camp fundraiser. The Preach My Gospel manual has been divided up into weeks for an entire year of Family Home Evenings. Every week has a lesson and activity that can be adapted for younger or older kids. If you are interested in purchasing one let me know.
We are also selling Ward Cookbooks. We have over 100 recipes!

The books are $15 for one or $25 for two - any combination of two.
Help our girls get to camp please!