Thursday, April 12, 2012

A photo like this just needs some documentation. It was fitness week at KidsClub and Alison was into it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Sing 2012

Last night Caitlyn participated in Franklin's Spring Sing. She did a great job and was even selected to introduce one of their songs. She said she was chosen  because they knew she would say it enthusiastically. She did not disappoint.

Easter 2012

Our Easter festivities started Friday night and went the whole weekend! We had friends over on Friday to dye eggs and celebrate James' birthday.

Saturday morning is when the kids got their Easter basket. It was the first year we tried this (I've been taking about it for the last couple of years!) and Chad and I both agree it was much better! We get all of the commercial Easter stuff and candy out of of the way on Saturday so we can can fully appreciate the true meaning of Easter on Sunday. I am hoping to start a new trend! Whos with me?

Caitlyn has been quite the little seamstress lately, so we both agreed it was time for her to start to learn on a machine. She was so excited - eventhough we took it back (it was too much of a toy). Around lunch time we headed to Queen Creek to get her a real machine off of Craiglist. This way she can really learn how to sew.

Alison wasnt amused most of the morning. She didnt cooperate much with photos but she came around at times - I think she needed to fully wake up.

Before church on Sunday we took some photos (which always has the potential to ruin the entire day) It didnt go too badly - but I wish we had gotten a better family shot.

After church we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Harmons for dinner and an egg hunt. The family is so big we need 3 tables and a kids table to fit us all!

Thanks Jared.

Cody was a good sport and took the girls around the yard for a while.

There is more fun to be had now that Grandma put a swingset up. The kids love it.

Getting ready for the egg hunt...

It was as if the heavens parted when we took this photo. All the kids stood there and looked at the camera - except for the two babies who seem to be completely enamored with each other.