Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu 9/27/10

Monday: Meatball Sandwiches
Tuesday: Chicken with Olives
Wednesday: Chili
Thursday: Mexican chicken
Friday: leftovers

Monday, September 20, 2010

9/20/10 menu

Monday: Roasted chicken
Tuesday: Taco Salad with homemade taco shells
Wednesday: lasagna
Thursday: Chicken Tortilla Soup
Friday: out
Saturday: dont know yet - probably my old stand by of homemade pizza
Sunday: Roast

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Couple Things About Nathan

If you have met Nathan there are certainly 2 things you know about him. He loves movies and quoting lines from them. He also loves to spell things out with plastic letters. Occasionally he will get a phrase stuck in his head for a while and we find it all over the house. This is one of those phrases. "Now on DVD"

We also discovered that he is a fan of the BYU Mens Chorus live performances. No interest in the music on CD but loves to watch them on TV.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Menu 9/13

My weekly menu is going to go to pot at the end of the week because Chad and I are attending an all day (Friday and Saturday) Autism Conference in Phoenix. It is sure to give us some great information, but at home, our kids' food will be suffering a bit. Dont judge me.

Monday: Pizza
Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Salad
Wednesday: Apricot Chicken (new recipe compliments of Becky)
Thursday: Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Friday: Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Saturday: out
Sunday: Roast/Carrots/Potatoes

You probably noticed, (I bet most have not - but whatever) that my new recipes come from Pioneer Woman. I love that website. I have to try the Apple Dumplings some time. They look fantastic. Thanks for the idea Angie :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

A day of celebration

A day of celebration! Well, this picture doesnt look like it, but it was Alison's first birthday yesterday. Gasp. I know. I cant believe it either. The time flew by and I have to admit that I am a little sad about this.
Our tradition stood strong yesterday morning with our birthday morning pictures:

Later in the morning Chad was wrestling around with her on the couch and she LOVED it.

The cupcakes for the party. They were a lot of fun to make and not that difficult. I think they turned out nicely.

Alison all dolled up for her party. She is saying Horray to Hip Hip Horray! Gotta love the spit ring around the neck... it wouldnt be a true picture without it.

Playing peek a boo:

Blowing out her candle. Well, not really. If anyone knows our family then they know that when the birthday song is sung and there is a candle then Nathan is front and center. I find it actually quite funny that he isnt in this picture because he was on top of the cake saying "Nathan" when everybody was singing.

Enjoying her cake. She ate it crumb by crumb.
Thank you to all our friends and family that came and helped us celebrate. We had a great time!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I had a great time with friends in Cailifornia. A day on the meach and another at the OC Swap Meet was fantastic. Pictures to come soon....

As far as our menu is concerned here is my week: (sorry it wasnt up yesterday - the holiday through me off) I'm making two new recipes this week, and although I have made variations of the two dishes it will be fun to put a new spin on them. Who's going to try them out with me?

Monday - homemade pizza
Tuesday - Pork Roast
Wednesday - Chicken and Dumplings
Thursday - Meatloaf
Friday - Black Bean Quesadillas
Saturday - out
Sunday - Roasted Chicken/Carrots/Potatoes

Thursday, September 2, 2010

heading out

Leaving in about an hour for some girl time, beach time, and Orange County Swap Meet shopping time. See ya Saturday night!

Wish Chad luck. Love ya sweetie! Dont worry, all of us girls will get you a guys trip planned soon!