Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving this year was with the Vance's. We are a large group, but I really love getting everyone together.
Sweet Grandma and Grandpa Vance
Alison was completely in love with this dog.

This is Alison's new pose for pictures. So adorable.
Chad's photography work.
You know its our table when there are huge Thirstbusters present. We were happy to have Jeff and Merrilynn (Randy's brother and wife) down from Colorado for the holiday.
Alison was going around drinking everybody else's juice. This is when she realized we were watching her.
Baby Leah
Nathan discovered the trampoline early off and it was hard to separate him from it for the rest of the afternoon.
Steve and Melissa came down as well. We were happy to have them stay with us. One big slumber party= very happy kids.
This is a death trap. We grew up with it at my grandparent's house and it always resulted in injury but the kids had fun with it. Especially when Chad was the counterweight. Nobody lost a foot so I guess all is well!
Nathan wasnt happy at the end of the day when it was time to go home and he had to leave the trampoline. I hope he'll be excited on Christmas day :)

Next Time

Next time we offer Nathan pumpkin pie for dessert we will know to just give him a plate of Cool Whip

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Alison lookong cute today

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kids on Halloween Night

Alison was a little possessive about her candy....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2012

A couple of weeks ago we went with Ben and Sarah to a Fall Festival. We all had a great time! They had great games for the kids, a bounce pad, animals and a fun train ride - all of which was included in the price.
HALLOWEEN NIGHT: We first had to make it out to Grandpa O'Loughlin's to see all the pumkins - a fun family tradition.
Our peacock, watermelon and boxer. Caitlyn came up with the idea of a peacock. At first I wasnt sure how to pull it off but it actually was a lot of fun to make!Alison wanted nothing to do with her costume until her friend Maya came over last week and tried it on. Then she threw a fit until we put it on her. Nathan's was a last minute purchase - but that's when you get a good deal! (50% off). He LOVES it and wore it all weekend.
Alison caught on pretty quickly and soon enough she was around anyone who had the candy. She ran out of M&M's so she sat next to Nathan hoping for more.
We had a fun time at our Trunk or Treat then it was off to Grandma Harmon's house. It was a busy night - but a lot of fun!