Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Babies growing up

This girl lost her first top tooth this week and for some strange reason it made her grow up. She is trying very hard to be conscious of every choice she's making. She decided on Sunday that she was only going to bring her scriptures to church and that she was going to listen to the speakers. She told us that she is getting ready to be baptised.

She has also been helping out around the house, and with Alison. She is doing her chores and with hardly any complaints! That may be due to the fact that we told her if she didnt change her attitude about doing them they were all going to be taken away. BUT before she would have forgotten about that and complained the next time I asked her so this is good progress :)

Chad and I have been catching little moments lately that show us that she is growing up. Not only in the way she's acting, but the way she looks. She is no longer our little girl - she is becoming a young woman.

Nathan has had slow but steady progress. We'll just go ahead and ignore the annoying blood curttling screams that happen when he doesnt get his way. The biggest thing I have noticed is that he will answer my questions when I pick him up from school. This is major, people! I can ask him what he did that day and after a little bit of thinking he can tell me! Its fun to communicate with him that way instead of me just wondering or feeding him what he did and him replying with yes or no.
(Isn't that awesome Jessie!)

He has been excited to do activities with us such as baking cookies and swimming since we got the pool. The pool has been worth every penny if only for the reason that Nathan and Caitlyn get out there and play together. He is totally comfortable being in the water if he has his goggles on. Goggles I can handle!

Milestone. First ponytail. Any mother of girls would agree that this is an accomplishment. She is in a mimicking stage. She studies very hard what we are saying or doing and tries to replicate it. Its quite cute. Her current favorite treat is a popcicle. We discovered this because Chad gave her a lick of his and she screamed until he gave her another on... and so on and so on until the entire thing had been finished off. I imagine it feels good on a mouth that is developing teeth. Thats right, I said developing, because she is yet to have any teeth come through yet. I'm not too worried - all of my kids got their teeth around 10 months. She's just a doll (as my mom would say) and we are so happy to have her. She is a complete joy and one easy little girl to take care of - except for her built in 6 am alarm clock.
Major accomplishment dates: (for my record keeping)
April 10th - first solid food. Plain rice cereal. Didnt like it! Loved it with fruit though :)
April 21st - sitting more than one minute without assistance
April 24th - good solid army crawl
May 2nd - started Bababa - ing a lot. Dadadada and Mamamama follow soon - but I dont think it counds as first words. Do you?
June 15th - tried out hands/knees crawling put drops after a few feet to army crawl
June 19th - standing unassisted for more than three minutes
June 21st - starting pulling herself up on furniture (joy!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Garage Sale

Garage Sale this Saturday
All proceeds are going towards our Young Womens girls camp. So come shop, buy some baked goods and have a fun time!

We are also accepting donations (items to sell or moola) :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Cleanin'

Okay everyone.
Its time to clean out your closets and give me your stuff.
Or rather, give it to our fundraiser.
Our Young Women are having a garage sale on June 26th
and we need stuff to sell, so if you have items that we can sell please let me know! I'll even come and pick it up! I know a deal, right?!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I dont know why buy I dont feel like I have a lot to blog about.
I just got back from girls camp. It was a lot of fun, and I am happy that I had the opportunity to get to know the girls better, but I am also glad to be home and back with my family. (Chad is especially happy :) )

We're just enjoying the summer. Both of the older kids are in summer school and loving it. Caitlyn is in a program that is teaching her all about Australia. She cant wait to go everyday, and I am glad that she has something to fill up some of the summer time.

We made a big purchase and got an above ground pool. So if you ever want to swim ghetto-style let us know. Its large, abnoxious looking, and oh-so awesome. We are glad we have something for the kids. They LOVE it. Its only filled up to their shoulders so they can stand anywhere in the pool and they have a blast.

Hope all is well for our two blog readers! Check back - I'm leaving the next post for Chad to do. I'm sure he'll come up with something phenominal!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

See ya on the flip side of camp. Taking off tomorrow morning!