Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A birthday surprise

Afew of my girlfriends surprised me for my birthday with a night out. Where else does a group of girls who like sweets go? Cheesecake Factory, right. We had a blast, and we had the waitress laughing with the topics of conversation that we were covering. Why are girls so open? The rest of the night was filled with laughs, eye openers and more laughs. For those who were there - good times.
Thanks girls! It was such a fun time - and definitely something that should be done more often then just for a birthday. Lanae and I discussed this... our husbands actually like it when we go out, because we come home in a good mood and ready to jump/be pushed back into motherhood. Having a fun night with friends = relaxation/rejuvination.

Seriously - one of the biggest desserts ever. Amber was definitely eating with her eyes more that her stomach when she ordered that one

Like riding a bike

Going back to school has not be a huge adjustment at our house. Caitlyn was excited. She practically left me in the dust to get to her class, and that is saying alot considering that she is on crutches right now.
Nathan's first day is today. I just put him on the bus. The bus. It was such a tramatic experience for me last year, but I have adjusted and this year it was a smooth transition. Nathan went on like nothing was out of the summer ordinary. He put on his backpack and hit the road, but not before I could get a few choice pictures. You could tell he was thinking "Eh, whats the big deal. A bus."
Caitlyn on her way to her first day of school yesterday

I got to go into her classroom because she cant carry her backpack right now. I know, your thinking, put it on her back, but I'm telling you with the weight of her lunchbox (she should definitely not go hungry with the amount of food I supply her) it throws off her balance. Anyway, I snuck a picture of her in the classroom. I'm pretty sure its frowned upon at school because of all of the other kids.

Nathan couldnt stop posing for pictures. He just kept saying "Cheese" - he was ready for his close up. Acutally, I just know that he likes the flash on the camera. He laughs everytime.
Whatever works, right?

Chaging of the cast

I never knew they did this, but apparently if you brake you foot/leg/arm good enough, you get a new cast two weeks into your recovery. Caitlyn will need to be in a cast for at least another two weeks for her foot to completely heal. So off to the doctor we went. We were sad to see our original signatures leave, but a new fresh clean cast was definitely in order.

She wasnt nervous at all when the brought out the saw

I was really proud of how brave she was during the process. Now when we get the other taken off it should be a peice of cake.

You can see that her foot is still brusied around the area. She still has a bruise on the bottom of her foot - but I didnt get a picture of it. They showed me the xrays -and it is definitely still broken, but looking better.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Latest Addition

My (Chad's) sister and brother in law just had their twins this morning. They are absolutely perfect. Here is Lauren (left) and Calvin. Almost makes me want another, almost.

Monday, August 4, 2008

San Diego

We had so much fun this past week in San Diego. We took the kids to the beach, Sea World, and the San Diego Temple. We enjoyed beautiful weather, company of family we havent seen in awhile and a much needed break. This is just a few pictures, but you get the idea.
This is all I can do with my pile of laundry staring me in the face.

Okay, so I think that this is an awesome shot that I took. I've gotten mixed reactions
. I'm glad that I got a shot of Chad with the kids, but it was so bright outside that this is the best we could come up with. Unfortunately, we didnt get a family shot. There were some weddings going on, and everybody around the grounds were kind of preoccupied.


The very first thing we saw in Sea World was the dolphins. There were so many people there, but the kids we able to get a glimpse of them.

This was taken right after lunch. I cant believe I am still smiling after what we paid to eat. Seriously, highway robbery.

This was one of Nathan's favorite parts of Sea World. The aquariums. He could have stayed in there all day.


Nathan was apprehensive about the water. At first he ran right in, but when he discovered that the sand disappears beneath your feet as the waves go out, and that it put him on unstable ground, he wasn't so keen on the idea. For the rest of the day he would run up to the waves and as soon as they got ankle - high he would run out.

I am not much of an ocean water kind of person. Really, if you know me very well then you know I dont really like any kind of water that I cant see through - this includes lakes. So my time was taken from this view. I completely enjoy the ambiance, the sand, and laying out. We all had a great time.

How did Caitlyn go to the beach you ask? Thanks to the cast cover I found on the internet! It pretty much vaccum seals around the cast and it is completely waterproof. Pretty cool hu? It was the best invention of the trip because Caitlyn didnt miss out on any of the fun.

Ben and Sarah happened to be in California at the same time. We met up with them for the day at the beach. For lunch we went to "Ruby's". It is a restaurant that is built on the end of pier. It was fun to eat on the second level of the restaurant and look out into the ocean. We were lucky enough to see a group of dolphins swimming a mile of shore.

Nathan is offically in love with pools. Not with swimming, just the pool. He hates venturing off of the steps, but he could stay in there all day. From the moment we woke up he wanted to be swimming in my aunt/uncles pool.