Saturday, August 29, 2009

How low can she go?

(almost 38 weeks) - sorry for the lack of make up and the pajamas!

Okay - I really cant believe that I am allowing this picture to be distributed to the masses, but for the sake of documenting our life I am going to just close my eyes and push "publish".
I have been slowly seeing my stomach get lower and lower, but on the day this picture was taken I noticed a big change. So, my sister says that it isnt that low, but if you have seen me in the past couple of weeks, you would notice a change. This baby has been a basketball and very high!
Thursday night I started having contractions. They were about 5 minutes apart and they lasted for six hours. They just weren't intensifying so I was very hesitant to head to the hospital. I dread doing the "walk of shame". Its such a fine line to know when to go to the hospital. With Caitlyn I was induced and with Nathan my water broke (free pass to know when to go!). This is a very different experience for me. I guess we'll just take it one step at a time. Hopefully it will be soon. It should be with all the contractions I have been having - just not consistant enough yet.

We'll keep everyone posted!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thirty seven weeks
I'm pretty bad at taking pictures throughout the progression of my pregnancies, but we do have a picture of me pregnant with Caitlyn right before heading to the hospital and with Nathan just hours before my water broke. Maybe this baby didnt want to be left out and she has been waiting for her camio.

To Do List:
sweep all floors - √
mop all floors - √
wash, fold and put away all laundry - √
clorox and wipe down kitchen - √
vaccum all bedrooms - √
get car washed/detailed -
have a baby today......
(lets hope for a check mark soon)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hit a lull

I went a little crazy yesterday (with the help of Sarah - thank you Sarah). I reorganized my pantry to get the almighty freezer in there. Organizing is very theraputic for me. Now that it is done I just want to go and sit in there. It feels peaceful. The only problem with doing that is there is no light and it can get pretty lonely, so I'll just enjoy it when I pass through.

Dont think that the reorganization is lost on the kids, especially Nathan. All afternoon yesterday he kept bringing me crackers and pudding. Its like when you are cleaning the playroom and toys are discovered again. To them it must feel like Christmas to be reunited with these belongings.
So, to explain the title of this post: Today I have hit a lull. I'm not sure if its because I worked really hard yesterday, but I cant seem to find energy to do anything. It must be a growing day for the baby because I could seriously sleep the day away and that is SO not me. Its actually driving me bonkers. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more spring in my step!
Before. Well, just after I started. If this was a true before picture you would see the ironing board out with clothes hanging off of it. It has hardly been put away for the past five years. Now it it hanging from the wall on a nice little organizer. - so interesting right?

Doesnt that look nice? You can click to enlarge it your interested in what food we eat. I really want to get some can organizers. Holy crap do you know how expensive those are? Seriously, I couldnt believe it. Does anyone have a good idea for alternative can storage? I know that has to be some ideas floating around out there.
The three shelves on the right will be coming out to make room for the freezer. Sarah helped me figure out where to put everything. Now I have a shelves designated to breakfast, drinks, kids, cans baking, fruit, and non-food supplies. My year supply is up high on the top and out of the way. And yes, I know that is not a full year supply. Were working on it, but I tell you what: we have a lot of rice.
A LOT was thrown away. It made me sad. I hate to be wasteful, but I went by expiration dates. My mom would have had a cow at some of the stuff I got rid of. I did find myself questioning whether some stuff was really bad or not, but in the end I had to chuck it. Chad and I just watched a show called "Hoarders" on A&E (if you havent had the pleasure, we highly recommend it) and featured was a food hoarder. She kept everything, spoiled or not in hopes that she could use it. It was disgusting. So, when I found myself saying things she said I quickly disposed of the items vowing to never be like her. I know - she's an extreme, but it scares me.

A genius idea donned on me while I was organizing - you can write with a dry erase marker on Tupperware. AHHH - did the heavens just open up for you too?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"2cm?! I'm 2cm!"

Can anyone name the show that is from? It's a classic scene in Friends when Rachel is in the hospital about to have her baby. Well, thats exactly what went through my head yesterday at the doctors office.
3weeks 3days
to due date, but who's counting?

Those who are around me often will hear me say that I am ready to be done. Well, thats true, but its simply true because of my personality. I know its coming so I just want it to come! I'm ready for the next phase despite the sleepless night (which I'm sure will involve crying at some point as Chad will attest).

Seriously though, I really have enjoyed being pregnant. Since Chad and I have decided that this is our last, I have really tried to make mental notes (Sarah loves my mental notes so I had to mention it) of what it has been like, and felt like to be pregnant. It has been a lot of fun to feel the baby grow, get stronger, all the weird sensations that come with being pregnant like feeling a hand in your hip bone and how funny it is when the baby gets the hiccups. She gets the hiccups alot! I will also remember the sleepless nights - I didnt remember that those happen before the baby comes too, the swollen feet, and how unattractive you being to feel. (Oh, how I long for my old body back. Dont worry old body - we will be reunited soon!)
It has been especially exciting to have older kids to share it with. When we had Nathan, Caitlyn was 12 months old. She didnt get to experience it and I know it has been a lot of fun for her. They have been able to enjoy watching me grow. Caitlyn is so excited. She is constantly making things for the baby and saving clothes for the baby. She is ready to be a big sister and assist in any way. Nathan knows where the baby is and he will come rub my belly and say "baby Al(l)ison".

Okay - that brings something up. I just wrote Al(l)ison, but didnt know how to spell it. We can not come to an agreement on a spelling. I like Alison because its simple and I like "Ali" - but Chad says thats Ali sounds like Ali as in Mohammad Ali. He likes Allison. I really just dont like writing the extra L and "Alli" is a weighloss drug. C'mon youve seen the commersials on TV right?

So, give us your opinion.
This is really some thing that needs to be resolved soon. I would like to have this figured out before the hospital, but to be completely honest I dont know if I am going to budge on the spelling I like. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Feelin' Productive

(FYI - this is not my closet. There are some scary florals in here)

Friday was a great day. I have no idea what came over me but I have a renewed energy and there was just no stopping me. I didnt get tired all day - and that is saying a lot for me right now. I organized almost every closet in my house. I purged, moved, threw out and finished with a nice big load to the local Good Will. My hall closet got the biggest overhaul and now it has plenty of open shelving just waiting to be used to full potential - which will probably be baby stuff. I also did my linen closet. Which up until now had been holding my cleaning supplies. It really didnt make any sense so I scoured it out and it now is doing what it was designed to do. All of my cleaning supplies got moved to the laundry room. It makes so much sense and I am sure anyone going through my closets before would have been a bit baffled. I still have a couple more to go, but I did finish up my bathroom cabinets and drawers on Saturday. I love being organized. It makes my brain function better. Weird I know. It may sound mean, but I'm glad my kids weren't here. Well, mainly just Caitlyn. I love her to death, but organization is not something we share. Whenever the playroom gets purged it is met with tears and sadness. I am only happy to see things go and she would keep everything that crosses her path. I famous beginning to a converstion for us Caitlyn saying "I can use this for..." The girl wants to recycle everything. Its is endearing, and we try to oblige her, but when I am in cleaning mode it can get on my nerves a bit. So, needless to say, somethings may have met their end in the O'Loughlin house that would have been a bit sad for Little Miss Caitlyn. The weird thing is she'll never realize their gone.

Anyway, I digress. The main point of this story is that IT FELT GREAT. Really, that is my idea of a good day: being able to lay my head on my pillow at the end of the day and just relax knowing that I accomplished something. I wish every day was like this for me, but as long as I have them every so often I think I am doing okay.

Next on my list: my pantry.(enter scary horror music) I need to get that organize because.......... I got a freezer! I have been wanting one for some time now and Craigslist finally made it happen for me. We are fortunate enought to have enought space in our pantry to fit it in there - with the removal of some shelving, so let the reorganizing begin. It wll be nice to have it done. Now, when chicken, cheeze, bread, milk and so on go on great sales I can take advantage of it instead of thinking about the lack of space that I have to house such items. I hate passing those good deals up. It will be a big help with a baby almost here. Now I can get some meals done and have a place to store them. Lets not mention the space for Klondike bars :) So sad, those will just be for Chad soon - a diet is going to be taking place pronto.

Wish me luck! (On the organization projects - not the diet. For that I need prayers.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Empty house for the time being

First day of school. Back to the grind. I love the schedule of the school year. I thrive on schedules and order. Caitlyn was so excited to go back and Nathan went with the flow. Besides the bus never arriving and not being able to locate Nathan's tennis shoes, the morning went pretty well.

I am an empty - nester. It is a very weird, awkward feeling to be by myself all day. Granted, it will only be for a couple of weeks, but it is strange. I am an on-the-go kind of person. I always like having places to go and things to do, but today I find myself without any plans or goals. Sure, cleaning my house is always a goal but thats not fun, right? Okay, okay, sometimes it is fun for me - but I'm not feeling it today. Chad told me last night to "embrase my day of nothingness". Its really his ultimate vacation. Nothingness drives me bonkers... unless I need a nap :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Time for Everything

No pictures for this post either. I hate posting without pictures, but I'm too tired, so give me a break.

I totally burned my stomach this morning. I leaned over a hot griddle and WHAM a nice sear mark now resides. Has anyone else done this. I have gotten close to a hot stove before and realized that I may be cooking the little one inside so I promptly stepped back, but I have never misjudged so badly.

It really stings. Hopefully it will be gone before my next doctors appointment. Otherwise they are going to think I am starting child abuse way to early, and in an odd self-inflicting way.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

pretty sure

Ok, let me think about it ..... yep, yep. I'm over being pregnant.

Check please!

Can I have my old body back now?

5 weeks to due date.