Friday, November 22, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We were able to go back up to the Polar Express and the kids were so excited. Nathan must have been traumatized by our recent trip to Knotts Berry Farm because he kept asking if it had twists and turns and if it would go slow or fast. We reassured him that it would go slow and no twist and turns which made him quite comfortable. The kids enjoyed the ride and getting there Bell from Santa. We did something a little different this year and stayed overnight in Flagstaff. The kids LOVE staying in hotels so they really enjoyed this part. In the morning we got breakfast  and headed off to the lava tubes for a little hike. Nathan got about three steps in before he realized that he did not think it was a good experience and to be perfectly honest I was not very comfortable either so we waited outside with Alison while Caitlin and Chad explored a little bit inside. It didn't take them long to realize that it was really far really cold. We headed back to Flagstaff and got some lunch; then headed home. All in all it was a great trip even though it was short